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On the hill above the ashram, Shri Shri 1008 Param Pujya Swami Kedar Nath ji Maharaj (Baba) and his colleagues have founded a thriving school for the local village tribal children.This class of children, known as Adivasis, is from the poorest possible family conditions, and has no other possibility for education and advancement in life. They are given all services free of charge, and are invested with school uniforms and casuals, books and study materials, and a nutritious daily meal during school hours.

The children approach the school as tattered urchins, but respond quickly to the love, concern and training of the staff and ashramites and soon blossom into intelligent and capable students, eager to learn and full of enthusiasm for study.

The school began in July, 2001 with only the first three standards, but each year a new grade is added. To date (2011), the school offers up through 10th standard and houses nearly 330 students.We now offer a complete education from Kindergaten (ages 6 years) through High School (ages 18-19). After graduation, students are situated in local colleges and vocational training programs.

The buildings and facilities are extended yearly as the funds permit. As the school is run exclusively by donations from devotees, with no government aid, we always manage to only stay one step ahead of enrollment requirements.

The school offers a unique style of education, so needed in today’s world. While all the traditional secular subjects are extensively covered, emphasis is also placed on Dharma (the Eternal Path of Righteousness), moral values and character development, service to society and all religious studies.

The students study the entire life of Sri Anandamayi Ma and try to follow her holy example in their lives. .

Ashram Brahmachari Teaching Class

Each day is begun with a trek down into the ashram to pay homage in Ma’s temple and receive the blessed tilak on the forehead. After returning to the school, the students perform yogasanas, meditation and have a period of prayer and chanting before beginning the actual study day.

Behind all the activities of the school is the deep conviction that the future of any country and the world at large is in the hands of the upcoming generation. If the youth of the country are properly trained and raised, and the correct values and selfless spirit of service is instilled into them from a young age, they will become productive and inspired leaders and guides of a new society devoted to truth and reform, rather than ignorant followers of lower standards and norms.

The ashram houses a hostel for about forty of the boys from the school. These boys are chosen from among the students based on their potential skills and talents, and also according to their home environment. The boys live in the ashram as traditional Brahmacharis, following a spiritual schedule of yoga, study and service, and attendance at the ashram worship services in addition to their school studies.

Vidyapeeth Teacher with Children

There is a beautiful rapport of love and respect between all the students and teachers, and the students feel at ease and at home on the ashram premises and with the residents of the ashram. In turn, the residents and teachers from the ashram have dedicated their lives to helping and training these children to face life fully prepared with the necessary skill, outlook and moral courage to successfully accomplish their goals.

The school gives a yearly cultural program at the village bus stand which is attended by the entire populace of Omkareshwar. It has become a much looked for event in which the children, dressed in colorful costumes, sing and dance, do skits and karate and yoga demonstrations, and generally charm everyone with their talent and energy.

The students have also done very well in the yearly State Board Examinations. We invite all who hear of this important work to become involved and join us in this selfless service which is being rendered under the Patronage of Sri Anandamayi Ma. All are welcome to visit and anyone with special skills or aptitude in any subject is invited to share their knowledge with our students by presenting a special class in the school. Any material aid is welcome and donations of funds are always desperately needed to keep ahead in the construction of new classrooms for the growing enrollment.

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